What if I'm an Atheist

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What If I'm an Atheist?

A Teen's Guide to Exploring a Life Without Religion

What if...
...you're a teenager and you're having doubts about your religion?
...or you're a teenage atheist or agnostic, and you don't know how to tell family or friends about your unbelief?
...or they know about your unbelief and don't like it?
...or you know a teenage unbeliever and you want to understand him or her better?

What If I'm an Atheist? has answers.

Written in a clear, friendly style by a veteran journalist, What If I'm an Atheist? includes chapters such as:

  • Is Atheism a Religion?
  • Don't You Need God for a Moral Life?
  • What's Your Future Going to Look Like?

And it includes advice and stories from high-school and college unbelievers on:

  • How Do You Tell Your Parents?
  • How Can You Make Arguments for Atheism?
  • Can You Celebrate Christmas? And Other Holiday FAQs

Reviews of What if I'm an Atheist?

"An excellent primer for teens needing guidance in navigating the culturally contentious and personally troublesome waters of religion."
Publishers Weekly

"A superbly written, smart and sensitive guidebook."
Kirkus Reviews

"A must-have resource."
School Library Journal


David Seidman

David Seidman

What qualifies you to write a book for teenage atheists?
I've written books about and for teenagers and other young people -- everything from the nonfiction Teens in Iran to Fantastic Four: The Photo-Novel. And having been raised Jewish, I know what it's like to live in a society where your beliefs are in the minority.

Did you interview teenage atheists?
You bet I did, plus atheists and agnostics not long out of their teens.

Are you trying to turn teenagers into atheists?
No. But if a teenager is curious about atheism, this book will give him or her the straight facts about living as an atheist. And if he or she is already an atheist or agnostic, the book will help him/her handle everything from religious parents to starting a school atheist club.

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