What if I'm an Atheist

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What If I'm an Atheist?

A Teen's Guide to Exploring a Life Without Religion

Can you have guidance without God?
This thoughtful, one-of-a-kind guide offers answers to all of your questions about atheism and nonbelief.

  • Have you ever wondered what religion and belief means for your life?
  • Maybe you believe in nothing at all. Does that mean you’re an atheist?
  • What does atheism even mean?

Regardless of the religious background you grew up with, it’s natural to question what you believe… or what you don’t. Establishing your views about religion and spirituality is part of becoming an individual, but outside pressures can make it tough to know what is right for you.

What If I’m an Atheist? offers a thoughtful exploration of how atheism or the absence of religion can impact your life. From discussing the practical significance of holidays to offering conversation starters and tips, this guide is an invaluable resource about religion, spirituality, and the lack thereof.

This compassionate, nonjudgmental guide includes copious peer interviews featuring both religious and atheist teens and provides a safe space to find answers to the questions you may not want ask out loud, so you can decide what you believe—or don’t—for yourself.

Why this book?
What If I'm an Atheist? exists to answer questions. Which questions? Take a look at the book's table of contents.

In the U.S., there are 673,000 average monthly user searches for the term “atheist.”

Globally, there are 1.2 million average monthly user queries for “atheist.”

Part I : What’s an Atheist?
1. Who Are Atheists (and Agnostics and Other Unbelievers)?
2. Is Atheism a Religion?
3. Don’t You Need God for a Moral Life?
4. Are There Atheist-Friendly Religions?

Part II : Life as an Atheist
5. How Do You Become an Atheist?
6. How Will Becoming an Atheist Change You?
7. What if You Were Raised as an Atheist?
8. Should You Tell?
9. How Do You Tell Your Parents?
10. How Will Your Parents React?
11. How Will Your Friends React?
12. How Do Unbelievers Handle Hostile Teachers, Principals, and Classmates?
13. Can You Celebrate Christmas? And Other Holiday FAQs

Part III : Arguing Atheism
14. How Can You Handle Arguments against Your Being an Atheist?
15. How Can You Handle Arguments against Atheism in General?
16. How Can You Handle Arguments for Religion?
17. How Can You Make Arguments for Atheism?

Part IV : The Rest of Your Life
18. What if You Turn from Atheist to Believer?
19. What’s Your Future Going to Look Like?